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XIII (preferred name) or Blood puppeteer (alias)
Real Name: Angela Roberts (she refuses to answer to that name saying that little girl died years ago although the only one that she will answer without question is Death Mute aka Johnathan Williams)
Age: doesn't count but if she could guess around 50 appears between the ages of 19 and 23.
Hair: long brown normally pulled into a side pony tail her bangs are always dyed red.
Eyes: originally blind so she doesn't remember what color her eyes were so with the psychic linked glasses she received from Death Mute her eyes change color depending on her mood or actions at the time (i.e. kind of like a mood ring) without the glasses they are a glossed over white color.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160
Family/ friends: family all deceased
Death Mute partner/ friend/ lover
Birthday: Unknown she can’t remember
Birth place: Memphis, TN
Unusual features: has the Roman numeral thirteen branded on her hip, scars from where she cuts herself to fight normal around her wrists and thighs also on her fingertips.
Cloths or uniform: has been seen wearing a black or dark navy tank-top and dark hoodie or a leather jacket with a hood, dark Levi hipsters boot cut jeans, a Grell Sutcliff belt from Black Butler or a normal black one, and black converses or combat boots (depends on mood or mission)  
Items, weapons, or other: Due to their psychic link she carries an mp3 player and earbuds that allows Death Mute to listen to music their playlist include such genres like rock metal alterative and the occasional pop song DM has a seemlier mp3 players that plays classical music and hip hop. As far weapons she is a weapon herself but she does carry an army knife. The black wired glasses are psychically linked to her brain giving her the ability of sight also uses them for recon and sharing of info to DM or anyone else linked with them. She also wears a watch that is a high powered grappling hook.
Powers: She is a blood manipulator meaning she can use her blood and the blood of others as a weapon which vary depending on needs at the time. Although if she got a drop of her blood onto someone or thing for a set amount of time (between 15 to 20 minutes) she has absolute control of that creature or person. In which she can cut off their blood flow or increase it to the point of the heart exploding on itself also moving them around like a puppet. Sadly like the time limit of the blood control she also has a limit on using her blood as a physical weapon unless she uses the blood of someone else she can only use her power for 30 to 45 minutes. Her blood weapons of choice include knives, pistols, swords, and a red and black scythe. She also using her blood like a shield she simply hardens the blood to a steel like armor under her skin though a disadvantage because she can’t use her blood has a weapon. She can also heal quicker than a normal human being and heal others by mixing her blood with another’s although a very painful experience on both sides.
Skills: Military training quick to pick up new skills related to weapons.
Mental status: borderline personality disorder
Origin: Born to a poor family also born blind yet with the mutated ability of blood manipulation able to raise the other senses such as touch and hearing. She eventually ended up on the street  at the age of eight due to her father and mother forcing her to leave her home because they witnessed her play with her blood like a toy when she got cut by a piece of glass. She was frighten at first but soon developed a sense of survival. She would never use her ability in fear of being harmed. Little did she know her family was contacted and offered a great some of money for her participation in military project. Her family accepted and told them where to find her and in the dead of night along other children she was captured. They were sent to a military lab where she attack a doctor trying to take her blood in which she used her powers seriously injuring the doctor. When the officials saw her powers they focused on turning her into a living weapon. Through the years it’s revealed she had higher healing rate and she could control other people with her blood. During her time in the base she befriends an older mute boy with telepathy and psychic powers (more on that in the Death Mute bio). She along others were soon fighting in various combat zones. Although after 30 to 40 years of torture in that hell herself along with other soldiers revolted and escaped the base. Most went their separate ways except Death Mute and 13 a name which she gave herself after seeing her case number on day. They began a life as mercenaries and assassins.
Possible Story Character Bio
I got bored and wrote a character bio that has been floating in my head for a while. please give me your honest thoughts and criticisms but try to do kind. thanks 
Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.

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Randi Lee
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Well, I suck at drawing so I'm here to write.
I think what I write is good, even though my family says it's depressing. What do you think?

Favourite genre of music: Many
Favourite style of art: many
MP3 player of choice: phone
Favourite cartoon character: Hidan and Rock Lee
Personal Quote: Be yourself



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